Cowpunching was a man's world; women who entered had to conquer it or get out. Those who were successful, however, left their own special brand on the West. Some learned how to ride, rope and shoot as well as any man, and became well-known rodeo celebrities. Not all ranchwomen became rodeo queens, but there were many who could do a "man's work" on the range. It was grueling work, usually without pay, that often required women to do things such as ride astride wearing buckskins, which some people considered scandalous. But on a ranch where the cattleman's family set the tone, there were few other women to pass judgment and few men who dared. A cowboy was not likely to criticize his boss's wife or daughter - especially if, as sometimes was the case, she was a better shot.

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20x Bone
Cattleman's crease.
Self band with silver
and gold hand
engraved buckle set.


item code: 0007

8x Whiskey
Telescope crown 4"
brim with pencil
roll. Bone bound
edge and ribbon
band. Also available in 20X.


item code: 100-1328

8x Sand
Low Gus Crease,
5 3/8" Crown, Taupe Ribbon Band
Also available in
20X & 100X


item code: 100-0127

8x Silver Mist
Brown Bound Edge
Hitched HorseHair 
Band, Gus Crease


item code: 000-0146

100X Pure Beaver
4 1/2" crown,
4" Brim,
Cattleman's Crease.


item code: 0631

8x Bone
Pinched Front
Crease with Texas
Tan Leather Band and
matching whip stitch.
Also available in
20X & 100X


item code: F27

8x Saddle
Gus Crease, with
matching bound edge
and ribbon band.


item code: F30

20x Beaver
50/50 blend of Beaver
and Wild Hare. 5"
Brim, 4 3/4" Crown
with San Fran Crease.
Texas Tan Leather
band with diamond


item code: 5146

8x Sand
Audie Murphy
Crease, Commando
bound edge and
2 ply band.
Also available in
20X and 100X


item code: 006

8x Rust
Arena Crease, SilverBelly Bound Edge Narrow Ribbon Band
Also available in 20X


item code: 000-0124

8X Black Cattleman's Crease

8x Black
Crease, 4" Brim,
Tan Calfskin, Whip
Stitching Matching
Also available in
20X & 100X.


item code: F31

8x Calfskin
Calfskin Covered Brim, Whip Stitched W/
Matching Band
Braided Leather
Stampede String
Black or Brown


item code: F34