Bronco Sue Store Front

How We Make Bronco Sue Hats

Bronco Sue Custom Hats began business before the turn of the century in 1997. We make our hats using antique machines which were developed in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Our newest machine is 65 years old. We have one of the most complete collections of antique hat equipment around. We spent 6 years and many hours and many tens of thousands of dollars on this collection. What these machines do cannot be duplicated by hand work. Where these antique machines do the best job, we use the machines. Where hand work is best we do hand work. Our goal is to produce the finest hat you can buy. We do not cut corners or skip steps in making our hats. We are proud of our business and the hats we make. Please come visit if you're ever in Ruidoso.

Thank you for your interest,
Kenneth & Lu Lyn Bratcher
Keep the West “Western”